OhMyHead (ohmyhead) wrote in nmfp,

Most Appreeshahfer!

This is the highest-maintenance user in my company, Don.

Ok, it's obviously Homer, but I don't have any pics of Don.

Don calls me for help with computer issues. A LOT. Like sick amounts.

THIS is a voicemail I got from Don just today.
Seriously. Give a listen. (Names and numbers have been distorted.) (28 secs)


Translation? His Outlook 2003 is stuck in Recovery Mode and he'd like that remedied. He's in an office with a firewall that prevents me from accessing his machine remotely. So I refuse to walk him through anything, and if you listened to that voicemail, you understand. So he said he'd go home so I could connect and do it for him. He lives two blocks from the office. Two hours later...and no Don. So we'll get to go through this aaaall over again. And the best part is that even after I fix his Recovery Mode issue, he won't get to see "his back emails". He just won't get strange popups in Outlook any more.

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