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I now pronounce this community active again. Post away gents!
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Woohoo!!! So! I've got a new (2 yrs now?) gig, obviously. If I hadn't, I'd be living in a dumpster instead of posting in here. :) Trouble is, I HATE THIS GIG! Before, it was the lusers I railed on. This time, ' But I'll try to stay focused.
My last stint was as a consultant HP. It's been a ride.
I'm a hopelessly underpaid, overworked help desk guy. Took a 20K pay cut to be this miserable.

Yeah, I'm looking! They canned my former boss who called me last night to tell me all about the dream job he just got. I told him to shut it before I started crying. lol
Yeah, not much to say about that. You like help desk enough to stay there for years?
Well, that's my thing. It's what I do. But if you mean stay HERE for years, hell NO. It only became unbearable recently.
I would probably implode, man.