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I was just told I have more Help Desk incidents in the can than anyone in my department with 547 since January 1st. Since I habitually decline to bother creating/closing help desk tickets for every incident, the number is more like 1500+, including calls, emails, and personal visits. Holy shit. And I am in the REMOTE OFFICE. The others are in the Corporate Office with 100 people in their face as well as the nationwide field folk.

Either my teammates are incredibly shitty at creating/closing help desk tickets, or I have seriously overestimated how busy they are.
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BAH, I'm at 541 since the 1st of this month. But it helps that I've taken nearly every email problem there. I just want to kill Outlook Express now. Can't people use Pine?!
541 help desk incidents in 10 days?

I worked frontline dialup tech support for Big Phone Company in the South East.

500 in 10 days was a little under "par" (where par is corporate-dictated AHT).

I must have said "Thank you for calling ***, my name is Josh. May i have your *** email address or userid, please?" around ten thousand times in the six months i worked there.
I'd hang myself. I work for a small company, 500 users, 150 or so that can manage on a daily basis without us.
Yup, and that was just when I replied. I'll keep you posted this evening (about 2 hours from now I'm off my shift) about how many it is now.

We get a lot of repeat-tards with "email" problems and whatnot.

*grabs the chainsaw*
and the final count at the end of my shift was 568.